"Part II"

Good Friday is a big deal around our church. We've had massive services ever since the days of Chris Tomlin being our worship leader, and for years we'd bring in big worship leaders and build massive stages outdoors. 

Eventually, we tried to center the service to be less about an event, and more about being a unique night of worship. We'd build the service thematically around an idea, then produce the best possible service we could around that concept.

This year's theme was "The In-Between Place" - that is, the moment in between Christ's sacrifice and resurrection, the long pause before the dawn breaks clear on the horizon. We wanted it to be poetic and haunting, and my boss just pointed at me and said "go write this." Since I do not write poetry, this was a bit of a risk, but I loved getting to play with this idea and try to create something, between the words and the images, that conveyed what waiting for a Savior meant.

This is the finished film, with a recording of a rehearsal with the narrator (Emily Hudson) laid over the top. 




The description for what this is can be read just above this, but this is the live performance. There were actually three pieces to this - a section read aloud outside, as the cross was brought in through the crowds to the sanctuary, this section midway through worship, and a wordless section that closed out the night.

I've worked with Emily in a dozen different projects, and I love doing so because she always brings her whole self into everything that she does. Everyone else in the project wanted to find someone loud and booming to do this part. I wanted Emily. I think you'll see why.




We produced a series of video bumpers for our advent season in a series called "Under Wraps," knowing we were later going to be producing a packaged version for other churches to use. I got the pleasure of producing sermon bumpers for the series that operated like a series of short films - wordless longing for a gift that has yet to come.

We did five overall, with the last, "Joy," playing on Christmas Eve. Then we played that last one again the Sunday after Christmas, because it just made us so happy to see that little dog in a Santa outfit. Sometimes it's the little things.


"Finding Peace In Suffering"

Mark Swayze decided that this Lenten series would be a study in walking through the Psalms as we built up towards Easter. Building off of the Lenten study Soundtrack by our friend JD Walt, we produced a weekly live video around a psalm from that week.

These were a joy to shoot (minus the tremendous heat that many Edison bulbs put out - we kept needing breaks to cool off in between takes), but this my favorite - Cameron Holmes' adaptation of Psalm 4.