I've finally connected to the Matrix

My cell phone number has been removed after readers expressed concern over security. If you want to get my cell number, you'll have to e-mail me (prodigaldown@hotmail.com) in order to do so. So sorry.

I gave the number to my friend Ryan, who noticed that I have the exact same cell phone number as a mutual friend of ours but cancelled it a year ago. The odds of that are pretty crazy, eh?

I'm on Verizon, so I've got free nights and weekends. However, since I'll be in LA, 9:00 there is midnight Eastern time, so if you don't have Verizon or stay up late, weekends are probably your best bet. I also don't have free text messaging or anything cool like that, so don't even try. Still, the phone was free.

I don't know if everyone else feels a deep-seated need to explain the intricacies of their cell phone service, but it's not a bad system. The ball's in someone else's court. They can call me.