It's important to realize what happens when you get too wrapped up in your work. You miss things. This past week, I was so busy with everything that was going on with the Asbury film, and putting together my Asbury Initiative application, that I totally felt disconnected from reality. Now, I'm not complaining - it's my fault. When you get too busy with work, you have no one to blame but yourself when you run out of time. Haven't you ever seen Nicolas Cage in Family Man? Or Schwartzenegger's Jingle All The Way? Of course you haven't. And who could blame you? Actually, all Christmas movies have the same storyline, reminding you that you should be spending your time with the people close to you rather than wasting your time with your work (of course, you realize the people who made these movies all spent three months away from their families making the film in order to remind the forgetful public that putting work before family makes you and A-1 Nimrod. But I digress). However, if a friendly wingless angel were to wing me back in time to review my week and remind me what I missed, here's a top-ten list of everywhere I lost priority:

1. I didn't waste any time in the cafeteria. I kept being so busy with classes, meetings, etc., that I didn't really get a chance to hang out in the cafeteria. Instead, I end up grabbing food up in the Grille later. The cafeteria has always been my home, so to lack the chance to just around after dinner and chewing the fat - it used to be my life, but now it's a luxury. And speaking of lives...

2. My life. I swear, I used to have one. And I'm not trying to convince you, you've already made up your mind (and if you're bored enough to be reading this, then just let me just remind you about that whole kettle/pot thing. So just keep your pretty mouth shut) - I'm trying to convince myself. I now lack direction every time I'm not working on something; I'm just not sure what I'm supposed to be doing. In those moments, I just end up watching some movie with the guys on my hall. And film studies majors rarely complain about that sort of thing, there's a limit. I should be out mackin' it with some honies. Or something.

3. It was Mary Dot's birthday on Friday. And I swore up and down that I'd remember it, and I definitely didn't. I'll make up for it somehow, I'll... CPO her a belated birthday card! Make my amends. Show that I didn't mean it.

4. It was Kevin Costner's birthday on Tuesday. And I swore up and down that I'd remember it, and I definitely didn't. I'll make up for it somehow.

5. Sleep. But you knew that.

6. Making any random posts on the blog. On Costner's birthday, I was thinking of maybe making a "Best of Costner" list. Then I thought I'd bash him by maybe making a "Worst Movies of All Time," and to show how often he'd come up. Then I realized that you only had to read the "Best of Costner" list backwards to create the second list, and though I'd be accurate, you'd probably think I wasn't clever. So I went to bed.

7. Being connected. A good friend of mine started dating someone this week, and we've promised that we're going to get together so I can hear about how all this happened. Haven't yet. I'll make up for it somehow. I'll... CPO her a belated birthday card!

8. Finishing things that I start.

By the way, if you complete any of the quizzes on my earlier post, even if they're some of the embarassing ones, I want to hear about your results. What's your pirate name? What's your geek rating? What's your kissability?

I'm too curious to be denied. I want to know.