I have another fun link from my dad, who always manages to find fun, interesting sites for me to steal and post as if I found them myself. Therefore, from now on, he'll get no credit for his discoveries, like this one, about a man who peed his way out of an avalanche. Whether it's true or not, it's too fun to be missed.

Also, my brother sent me this link, to show me how famous I am - I'm actually on the internet. How (and why) he managed to find such a link is beyond me, but I thought I'd show you. As a result, I did a search for my name on the internet, to see how often the name "Ben Wyman" would come up and in what situations. Here's a Top-Twenty list of what I found:

1.My WACW Production Manager bio.

2. An entry on Andy Fowler's journal from the time that we gave blood and he fainted.

3. The town meeting minutes from when the Town of Goffstown hired me to dig graves.

4. Apparently, I've been named to the BankSA Shield Team of the Year for 2005 for my splendid work as a captain with Adelaide. I didn't even know that I was Australian.

5. A Hungarian site about Ronald Reagan.

6. A story about a speech I gave as a Santa Monica psychiatrist on the loneliness that marriage often becomes. I'm quite moving.

7. Peracchio's site with an entry about how I've started a blogsite.

8. A journal by Michael Zenke of Madison, Wisconsin, complaining that he hasn't seen me "in a coon's age." I agree, mate. It's been too long.

9. My results from a fairly solid swimming effort at the Hamilton Aquatic Club. The fly's always been my best event.

10. My sixth place finish at the Highgate Bridge Club. I blame my partner, the ever-incompetent Martin Amos.

11. An article about The Cherry Orchard, in which it notes that "Saturday night, Beth Coakley, who plays adopted daughter Varya, threw Wyman onto the couch." My finest hour.

12. The announcement of my being chosen for Northern New England Second Team Defense, for my excellent work with New Hampton. This one stunned me: there's another Ben Wyman in New Hampshire? What are the odds?

13. My first place finish at the Highgate Bridge Club, where I was finally paired with the excellent Peter Cox.

14. My inclusion into an under-12 Saskatchewan basketball team.

15. The IMDB biography on Benjamin Wyman Beck, the voice of Dilton Doiley in the Jughead cartoon.

16. A picture gallery of Platteville Student Senate. I look pretty buff.

17. My "Student of The Year" award at South Cheshire College for my work in Business Studies, ICT, and Music. I'd be proud, but there are about 300 other recipients for the same year, which somehow defeats the purpose of a "Student of The Year" award in my mind.

18. I'm a "related topic" in a real estate mortgage directory when you type in the words "New Hampshire." I don't know what that means.

19. Pics from a time I went snowboarding with my wife Tina, at Attitash in New Hampshire. This is the third completely random New Hampshire connection that I've come across in only about 30 websites. Eerie.

20. I was born in Woburn, MA in 1674 and died there in 1735. What's cool is that I was a maltster. I always wanted to be a maltster.

You get five bonus points if you can correctly identify how many of these are really me (hint: I'm not from Saskatchewan).