Updates, Predictions, and Reviews

In recent news:

Filming for the Untitled Boxing Project started on Saturday and continued for 12 hours Sunday, during which time we shot the first of the boxing sequences. It was incredible. Dino, one of our stars, correographed the fight. He's done a lot of fight sequences (he's been Antonio Banderas' stunt double since... From Dusk 'Til Dawn, I think. Or maybe Desperado) and he's done correography on films like Fight Club and Tomb Raider. So, unsurprisingly, the fight sequence was great. Next Sunday comes the real challenge. The big fight, with two boxers who have never fought for the camera before, in a boxing gym covered in windows. By far, my biggest challenge ever.

Casablanca, eventually retitled Excerpts From a Michael Bay Interview, was barely completed on time but received with tremendous fanfare, mostly because roughly half of the students in the LAFSC program were in it in one form or another. So it didn't bomb, after all. Plus, I still love it, so it's a win-win in all regards. I'll re-edit a final cut in a few weeks.

In other news, I've discovered a new movie review site: Pajiba: Scathing Reviews for Bitchy People. Quite good.

In other news, being in and around Hollywood, one catches a certain buzz about pictures and box office, and ultimately forms their own inaccurate opinion. So here's mine:

Hollywood's fast-declining box-office take will rise somewhat with the releases of Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, and King Kong. However, since all three will at least mildly disappoint, all likely being good, but not great, Hollywood will still likely be left in the lurch. Fortunately, the surprising success of Walk the Line and Just Friends will manage to stave off suicide in Burbank.

And finally, Jack-In-The-Box's piping-hot, tasty, and cheap Egg Rolls get 10-4GB's first ever 5 out of 5 star review. They're a dollar each, or 3 for 2.99 (that's really how they're advertised), and you wouldn't even realize how good they are, hidden amid J-I-T-B's mediocre burgers and disgusting 2-for-a-buck tacos. But they are that good. It's fantastic.