New Bloggers Added

If you're having trouble loading the page, it's because something truly funky happened to Blogger during my last post, and I think that part of the page might have become corrupted. I'm working on fixing it, so everything should be set in a few days.

I added a number of fellow bloggers in the sidebar. Go ahead and click over to Van Grantham, Krazy Kate!, Bizzle's new site, Life: Take 2, and my dad's site, Assistant Village Idiot. I also moved the links bar to a visible location. So, you can see I'm making huge strides here at 10-4GB, proving that I'm capable of even the simplest HTML procedures.

By the way, if you haven't come up with any good ideas for the romantic comedy/heist movie, the best thing you could come up with would be this: a title. I'm terrible at naming movies, I've yet to make one movie, no matter how small or pointless the film was, where the name of the movie wasn't decided at the last possible second. Sometimes I name a film and can't even remember what I named it later, because I slapped the name on at the last possible second. I need to adapt a book or something so that I can finally take a title all the way from pre-production to completion without changing it. So if you can think of a good name for a movie that involves a guy whose friends hatch an elaborate plot to help him win the girl of his dreams, that would be extremely appreciated.

Rejected titles:

  • "The Heist"
  • "Friends Don't Let Friends Stay Single"
  • "Untitled Justin Ladd Romantic Comedy/Heist Movie"
  • "Ladd: Story of a Wuss"
  • "She's All That"
  • "Not Another Extremely Typical Student Movie"
  • "Casablanca II"
  • "Leaves II"
  • "You Gotta Have Balls to Conquer the World"
As you can see, the creative juices are flowing.