Too much Dragostea din Tei to handle

Alicia sent me this one: it's a number of different videos, all having to do with - you guessed it - "Dragostea din Tei." How did this song get to be such a phenomenon? Everyone at school is singing this song, I'm constantly passing people in the cafeteria, "Maiy-ya-hee! Maiy-ya-hoo! Maiy-ya-ha! Maiy-ya-ha-ha!" It stuns me. This is a Romanian song, what caused it to be such a phenomenon?

Let this be a lesson to you musicians out there: no one cares if you're good. Just be catchy. Lord knows how far you could go.

For example, you could go all over the internet and be made into various home music videos and flash presentations, some disturbingly homoerotic. Like this one, which features three European guys with too much time on their hands, too little interaction with girls, and waaaaaaaaaay too much built-up sexual tension. I can't actually advise you to click on the link, I wouldn't actually want to encourage it. I just wanted to give you the option. Rating: No stars. You will die alone.

Next, you've also got the chance to go this flash presentation of some cats talking into a phone, doing that little dance that O-Zone does in the video, and drinking whiskey while the song plays in the background. It's merely okay, but it does have the added advantage of being completely unintelligible, since Japanese (or maybe Chinese) symbols fly across the screen as Romanians sing in the background. It's sort of like the dream you'd have if you stayed up too late trying to translate a Japanese manual. Into Romanian. For cats. Rating: 2 Stars. Only for the drugged.

This is also a flash presention of cats drinking to "Dragostea din Tei" while Japanese symbols flash across the screen. But it's cooler, because it's weirder. It features a guy getting shot with an arrow, a guy with a Picasso attached to his head, and Ronald McDonald riding a burrow towing a dead bear. Those crazy Japanese! Or maybe Chinese! Is there no limit to their zany antics? Rating: 4 Stars. Groundbreaking in a pointless sorta way.

You can also check out this last link, just for fun. The first bit of inevitable backlash. And while you're at it, here's the original page.