The serious and the useless

I posted earlier this week about the Grammys, society's overemphasis on experiences, and things that I want to accomplish before I die, but Blogger ate the post, so I'll instead make a big post with a lot of links to keep you all amused:

  • I got the Asbury Initiative Grant, and I'm going to Romania this summer! I'll be working at the same place that my brothers are from. You can ask me all about it, or check out the organization that I'll be working with this summer.
  • Speaking of missions work, Tim King, who was one of my best friends growing up, is doing amazing things with the homeless in Chicago. He's a Covenanter, like me, and the Covenant Church has an article about him. He ended up getting about 200 students for the event the article is talking about, which is amazing. He's really passionate about what he's doing, and Phil Collins just gave a bunch of money to the ministry he set up. You can keep the work he's doing in prayer.
  • Cassi sent me this one. It's an article from the Lexington Herald where they decide to experience Valentine's Day in Paris - they attend a Paris, Kentucky middle school Valentine's Day party. It's a bit precocious but a fun idea. I looked online and didn't find any of those "Love is like a roller-coaster. When it's over you want to throw up" shirts, so if you find any, I'm a size small or a medium and my birthday is whenever it needs to be.
  • Jonathan sent me Googlefight, which lets you compare yourself to other people to see who shows up more times if you search for both people's names. Apparently it's difficult enough doing it by hand that someone had to create a program to search the search engine for you. The worst is that I don't think it's the only program of its type out there. I lost to my brother, my dad, and Paris Hilton, but I did manage to beat my roommate, which is exciting. However, every single name that appeared on the actual Google search was actually him, which is pretty cool.
  • And lastly, Peracchio showed me and Squirrel Spamusement, which is a website on which the creator takes the subject line of all the spam that he gets and draws a picture to represent it, without taking into account the e-mail's actual content. I'll show you some of my favorites: