New Additions

I just added Ney's photo site to the sidebar - there's not much description or background on each of the pictures, but her pictures are fantastic. I hope to be someday be as good a cinematographer as she is a photographer.

I also added Spamusement, and Exploding Dog, just to prove that I'm emo. Or I used to be. Back when everyone used to argue about what "real" emo was, and diss Dashboard Confessional. Ah, to be young and cynical again. Exploding Dog is a site where overly-emotional teens send sentences or phrases to her like "everyone you know will someday die" or "why can't life be better" and the guy who runs the site draws a picture on his computer to illustrate the feeling. Most of the time, it's pretty banal, but sometimes he manages to encapsulate perfectly the feeling of the words. It skirts the fine line between art and cheap therapy for teen angst, but either way it's one of those clever and original ideas that gets to be incredibly hip for a couple of months until it becomes, "that site everyone used to be really into last year." My new favorite is "rocks are only temporary."

Here's a good example: "I like it when you lie."