I've been getting a lot of press lately.

The "Script to Screen" class got a full page spread in the Asbury Collegian, but I was front and center in every picture they showed. We had a photo shoot, and the Collegian cropped out everyone but me and Jeremy. Then they also showed our movie poster for Leaves. Oh, and I was on the front page, in a cropped picture showing me in a strange position, beckoning the readers to head to the A&E page. Did I mention that I was the only student quoted in the article? I'm quoted several times, including an incredibly out-of-context block quote in the middle (the only part people read) that says "Media majors aren't just stuck-up. They can put out some good stuff." Kill me.

Also, I was in the Lexington Herald-Leader (do we want to be the Herald or the Leader? Let's compromise) in the Arts section, with a big ol' picture of me in the front. Most of the article's content was about Peracchio and Ladd's decision to translate their film (Mug) into Spanish since their audio was bad, but the picture is of me and Jeremy, and Leaves got a mention, too. Good stuff.

Also, the Collegian was low on content, and the managing editor's a fan of Ten-Four, Good Buddy, so my review of Fever Pitch (see below) ended up getting a column, alongside a picture of my face that they found somewhere. The blog got a mention, too.

All in all, a solid week for press, when you add it all together. The Asbury Film Festival starts on Friday - if I get a chance, I'll throw some film festival posters on the site so everyone can take a look. It'll make you as excited as I am.