10-4GB is back!


It's nice to be back. Lighting struck our house a few weeks ago, and electricity surged through our cable connection, destroying our cable box, wireless router, network card, and part of our computer (no, I'm not making this up). Our computer is still out of commission: in addition to electrocution, it seems it's also virus-infested. I'm of the opinion that we treat it like a horse with a broken leg, and take it outside, shoot it, and bury it in a shallow grave. Still, my laptop (Percy, for you who were not aware. I own a markedly flamboyant computer who is constantly picking up new internet-transmitted diseases) has finally made its way back.

During the hiatus, I wrote several posts for 10-4GB that unfortunately I wasn't able to post. Now that I've returned, I've posted some of them, with more coming once the other computer comes 'round and I can get them off of the hard drive and onto the site. In the meantime, I've posted a review of Phantom of the Opera, a short note on local radio, and most importantly, a plea for help with the script of my directed study romantic comedy. In addition, I have finally finished my Asbury Film Festival review, which, while surprisingly (perhaps appallingly) long, is some of my best writing (which, I'll admit, damns it with faint praise). Also, it gets better as it goes along, as I run out of any positive or interesting things to say and just become snarlingly cynical. Not to be missed.

You can click on the links or simply scroll down the page. In addition to writing posts, I also wrote long e-mails to everyone that I owed an e-mail to (for example, people who I promised to e-mail last January and promptly forgot, leading to icy reunions when I returned this summer). I'll now proceed to send them all out - if you don't get one and you think you should have, don't worry, many of them are still on the other computer and will be sent out shortly.

Unless I forgot about, or don't like, you. If you think you're the former, you might want to send over a short note reminding me of who you are and detailing our friendship. It's very helpful.