Help Wanted

So, I've been working hard on screenplays for films that I'll be shooting this spring and fall. Still, I'm blanking on the script that I'm most interested in, which is the romantic comedy starring Justin Ladd that I'll be shooting in the spring as my directed study. I need some help, especially from any readers of a female persuasion. Though I'll take any sort of guidance, even if it's sarcastic (that's an unwise thing for a Wyman to say, but it needed to be said).

The plotline goes like this: all of Justin's friends are very concerned about his lack of a girlfriend, so they all conspire together to help him wrangle one. To do so, they plan out an elaborate ruse to make Justin look as good as possible to this girl. This is where it gets tricky. What is it that makes a guy seem very attractive to a girl (ignoring looks) in the first thirty seconds that they come in contact? What would impress her? I need ideas, even vague ones. Should he be playing with a dog? Be playing guitar/piano/zither? Dressed very nicely? On horseback? Playing guitar/piano/whatnot to his dog while dressed nicely on horseback? Should he rescue her from some troublesome situation (y'know, the whole "princess in the tallest tower"/"damsel in distress" bit)? Should he sweep her off her feet with debonair charm and sparkling conversation? Should he actually physically sweep her off her feet? Nothing is too silly or too serious to be mentioned. I just need some fresh ideas.

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