Romania fast approaches. I'm starting to feel a little shaky, I've never travelled by myself to a country where no one really speaks my language. And then I remember how ridiculous that is, because people do such things all the time, and I'm much more fortunate than a Romanian travelling to America, 'cause nobody speaks Romanian. Except for everybody in my family but me.

Thanks to everyone who's given ideas for my romantic comedy screenplay so far. The results have been creative and all the ideas have been good. In fact, I've already worked all the ideas I've received so far into the screenplay (even the ferret!). It's much better for it. I'll make a tenuous promise right now that any ideas received will, in fact, be put into the screenplay in some fashion. If that doesn't get your creative juices flowing, I don't know what will.

Speaking of creative juices, I was stunned and a touch put out to discover, in a letter from the Los Angeles Film Studies Center, which I will be attending in the fall, that all films created for LAFSC classes must be "non-dialogue." That's correct, sports fans, there can't be any dialogue in them whatsoever. It's all the visual. I'm making silent movies.

Honestly, though, once I'd gotten over the shock, I realized that this isn't a bad thing. I always consider dialogue my strength (and story my weakness), but this has a lot going for it. It takes all the pressure off finding good actors and puts it all on cinematography (a major fav of mine) and music (ditto). Also, I can have voice-over, which makes me consider doing an episode of "Sin City" (no, seriously). One way or another, I've come up with several ideas over the past day or two, most of them mediocre at best, but at least I've got ideas coming. One way or another, it'll be fun.

That's all for now. More updates as events occur, but my Monday morning flight fast approaches.