La Revedere

I leave in a few minutes for the Boston Airport, to hop a plane that will take me to Shannon, Ireland, take another to London, England, and another to Budapest, Hungary. There, a Romanian unknown to me will pick me up and transport me the rest of the way to Beius, Romania. I return in two months.

As amazing as this all is, it saddens me to leave you, dear reader, because this may very well be the end of 10-4GB as we know it. I might not be able to post in Romania (I'll try), and when I return, I jet off immediately for a very busy semester in Los Angeles. And posting falls by the wayside very quickly once I get involved in a film.

So this is, in a way, goodbye. I've enjoyed being a part of your e-lives, and I hope to be again someday. I'm sorry I didn't e-mail anyone any responses these past few days, but I suppose you're all used to that at this point. I always mean well, but I always forget to write. Maybe someday I'll learn.

Keep tuned in, in case I find a way to post over the next weeks. In the meantime, I treasure your thoughts and prayers.

Wish me luck.