Mort d'Ozone

Bad news, crew. Andrea informed me that O-Zone had split up and gone their separate ways, and I'm sorry to announce that it's true. I checked it out. My suspicions were that it was likely "artistic differences," but fortunately they'd all be launching solo careers, so I needn't worry.

Am I ever wrong? It appears Radu wanted to settle down and spend some time with his wife, but Dan and Arsenie are too busy living the high life. They'd been hoping to get on with their won careers, anyway, and after a good bit of arguing, they decided this was the best solution, artistically speaking, for all involved. It'll let them all be more creative, and hopefully allow them to get back to their first love, songwriting.

I'd give you a link for you to see the facts yourself, but it appears that major publications have somehow overlooked the story, so you'll have to do your own internet browsing. Still, I thought you should, so you could all mourn in your own little way. For example, my way is not mourning at all.