I'm home. For a second.

You see, it is now early Friday morning, and I leave for Los Angeles early Saturday morning. This does not leave a lot of time. And my sleep schedule from seven hours of jet lag is throwing me off quite a bit, though it's only to be expected.

I'll explain the reasons for my delay in getting home in a later post, which is quite a story and involves me spending $800 I don't have and not brushing my teeth for five days, so you better believe it's a doozy. However, the jet lag's starting to rip me apart and so it's definitely time to turn in. Before I do, though, I've put up some pictures that I gathered from my time in Romania. I didn't take the pictures myself, for that I give credit to Sarah, Andrew and Peter Lucaciu, and my dear old mum. Despite my lack of involvement, the pictures, I feel, neatly encapsulates a lot of what life's been like for me in Romania, and saves me from a lot of unnecessary anecdotes about chasing kids down hallways at 10:30 at night and throwing them back in bed. Though Elizabeth and I had a wicked sleepover with the kids that I might babble on about later.

To return to the subject at hand, I've divided the pictures up into three categories:

  • Orphans! Because that's what you came to see. Because they're just too cute to ignore.
  • No Orphans! Because who likes cute? Besides, hasn't every single one of us, at one time or another, said quietly to ourselves, "I'm a-sick of all these orphans!" Be honest. Oh, and it deals with some of those nasty tales going around about a possible summer fling with John Calvin.*
  • Orphans? No Orphans? Because you don't know what's there. And you've got to know. You just do.

*Warning: some material may be inappropriate for Methodists and children under six.