Disassembling the Dream

So this is Los Angeles.

I don't know what all the terrible fuss is about. It's a city - a nice city, with palm trees and warm weather, where it hasn't rained for six months because that would somehow ruin it all. And sure, there's a mystique to it - all around you, movies are being made, right under your nose shows are being produced, and anyone you pass could be someone famous, or formerly famous, or will be famous soon. It's a little exhilarating. And yes, the traffic is bad, and the smog is nasty, and costs a million dollars to park in any one of the four parking spaces available at any time. So it's everything you would expect - but it's not breathtaking or terrifying. It's a city. I'm over it.

Still, I like it. I'm soon to be interviewing for Scott Free Productions home of Ridley and Tony Scott, which is one of the companies I was hoping for. In fact, my interview with our internship co-ordinator went like this:


BEN, a nervous young film student, knocks on the open door and enters cautiously into the office. CHRIS, the co-ordinator, looks up.

How about Scott Free?




I'm hoping my interview at Scott Free goes in a similar direction. Early reports say that I'll be reading a lot of scripts and writing out my opinion on them, making photocopies, maybe sitting in on a few conference calls, and if I'm lucky, going to the L.A. film premieres this fall (Scott Free will be releasing Domino and In Her Shoes in October, so here's hoping. I might even meet Keira Knightley. This is what is known in the business as "counting your chickens before they hatch").

More updates as events occur, in addition to script updates. I can always use a hand in that regard. I'm in the midst of my third draft of my eight-minute film, which I'll then throw out to look for criticism. In addition, I desperately need to write another draft of the coffeeshop drama (tentatively titled From The Diary of a Player), and I'm hoping to pick up my break-up drama (known as Stage Three at the moment) and have a hack at that. All three scripts will appear on the website soon enough.

I'm about to start a new post, though, begging for ideas, again. I've received so many good ones for the romantic comedy that I've decided to try it again. Help out if you can. I think you'll find it fun.