... and Jack Black was there

Beck played a surprise show at the El Rey tonight, which is right next to the LAFSC. Did I get to go? 'Fraid not. The El Rey's tiny, and tickets sold out too fast. Jack Black went, though. We saw him outside, hanging. So instead of kicking it with Jack at the Beck show, I perfected a storyboard, did some pre-production, drew a picture of a girl in a red dress for someone else's project also shooting tomorrow, and sat in the Center and talked to the other people stuck doing work. While Beck played. A hundred feet away.

This is the second of two amazingly cool shows I have missed by a very slim margin (the Wallflowers played for free just down the road a week or so ago). Which is sad, but plans are in the works to hit some of the cooler small shows around, and we're also planning on seeing David Crowder with Shane and Shane, and also the New Amsterdams, and Copeland. So things are looking up.

In other news, the following people are outstandingly cool:

Erin Schumaker
Ben Peracchio
Jeremy White
Beth Coakley
Justin Ladd
Ashleigh Graves
my Dad

These people are cool because they're the sort of people to whom you can send a screenplay, unannounced, the day before it's due to be turned in, and they still find the time to read and give thoughtful commentary on the piece. Yet another example of why my friends are cooler than me.

Production on "Always Got It" starts today!