Scott Free

Good news! I've started work at Scott Free Productions. This is very cool, in case you didn't know. I'm not allowed to tell you too much, I'm sorry to say - I'm under the veil of secrecy inherent to working at a film producer's office. But I'll tell you what I can, falling on the old standby of a pros and cons list. The good news is that the pros easily outweigh the cons:

  1. No one trusts me yet.
  2. The company has a new president, which means that everyone is really careful about secrecy, and no one lets me read anything cool.
  3. They don't really have anything for me to do. Yesterday I sorted the metal brads in the copy room. No one had asked me to.
  4. Interns are sort of invisible in this business.
  5. People are mad because I don't have a car and have to bike my K-Mart bike to work, and therefore cannot deliver any packages for them.
  1. As time goes on, they're going to begin to let me read cooler and cooler scripts.
  2. I'm working for a film producer. How cool is that?
  3. Free snacks and soda.
  4. Mondays are free buffet, and the rest of the week they order out for food. Everyone gets $7.50 of credit towards lunch. Except for interns. They have no cap whatsoever.
  5. I'm given lots of free time to work on my scripts, if I want.
  6. Everyone is quite incredibly nice.
  7. My supervisor is just about the coolest guy west of the Mississippi. He finds all the secrecy ridiculous, and tries to find me interesting scripts that I'm allowed to read. And whenever I come in the office, he pretends he's not busy, and doesn't have anything to do besides talk to me.
  8. On my first day, I got to work on a network TV interview about French actresses.
  9. I find running errands sort of fun. Yesterday I spent $96 on a bow to go on a gift that someone was giving. That's a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me.
  10. It's only two and half miles from where I live. So I can bike there. I don't need a car.

Case closed.