To sum up the story I haven't been telling:

I write my second (and clearly final) post from the International Broadcast Center in Torino. I'm sorry I didn't get to write more posts, but there just wasn't opportunity. Also, I didn't feel like it. I'm working up my Olympic journal though, which should be a decidedly saucy read, and I'll post the unrated version on the site. It's a pale comparison to updating as I go, I know, but I'm hopeful that most of you should get to hear all of it in person anyway.

To sum up though: I developed a real understanding of the freestyle skiing events, to the point that watching them with me in my snobbishness would probably be intolerable. I worked, hands-down, at the best venue and with the best crew in all the Olympics. I partied with Olympic medalists. I failed to learn the Italian language so completely that the only words I can remember are "exit," "hat," and "nose." And, strangely enough, I developed a real appreciation of figure skating.

It's simply been fantastic. Ask me about it sometime.