The Graduate returns to his little room.

Hey. I graduated.

Jonathan, Dad, and I arrived home a few hour ago, and I'm at a loss for direction. Every piece of clothing I own is in a pile in front of the washing machine, all my belongings are in suitcases and boxes and laundry baskets all around me, spewing out onto the floor of my little room at home. My computer is basically all I've put together so far, and it's balanced on the edge of the other computer's desk, with an old newspaper for a mousepad. I'm feeling uninspired to do any more to change my state, though, like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate, except that I don't have a pool.

I'm hoping to update this new website and get it launched sometime this month, but it might be a little while longer. Still, since I'm graduated and home for the summer, all of a sudden my e-life gains a great deal more relevance. So more effort and updates to come. And this time, you can count on it.