Wedding Presents and Funeral Thoughts

Tomorrow evening Tyler Tate and Ruth O'Neil will be joined in really awesome marital bliss in Lexington, Kentucky. To my complete dismay, I will in fact not be attending, because
a) it's 1000 miles away, and
b) that's a long distance to travel on foot.

Still, all the best to both of them, and I do wish I could be there. I realized earlier that since I am now in both a legal and socially acceptable sense a full adult, it's probably de rigeur to buy them a present and ship it down. Poop. As a consolation, it's almost like a really lame adventure to poke through a registry and try to find something reasonably priced and reasonably appropriate to send the happy couple. I sent them a wildly expensive hunk of wood. I don't know why they want it.*

I've also decided it's no longer appropriate to post every few days with topical posting. Since I'm free enough to post more often, I shall, even though that may mean some fairly banal posting. But if you've known me for more than a week or two, you know which party I usually fall into in the quality/quantity conundrum.

Someone re-sent my last post on to the Bishop family. Though I suspected that might end up being the case when I posted, I now feel somewhat strange about it. Writing the piece was catharsis for me, and I considered deleting it forever after writing it, but when you leave something on a blog in the early hours of the morning, it seems unlikely that anyone will actually read it. Knowing that people have, if only a few people, makes me feel uncomfortable. And that's certainly a first for the 10-4GB site.

Finally, I've seen three or four movies since I've been back (MI3, RV, and the Da Vinci Code). Reviews on at least one of those to follow. I mean it.

*If you'd like to send a gift to the pair yourself, click the link. I recommend choosing from Macy's, myself.