Friends and Fun

I have a number of new links in the sidebar, mostly to various friends who also have their own e-worlds. You're more than welcome to check out all of the sites, but a couple of them haven't posted in a while and so their sites are a little dated. I'm adding them onto the site to encourage them to get their e-lives back on track. You can give their sites some traffic and maybe encourage them to keep their sites up-to-date. Otherwise, I'm kicking them off the sidebar. Which is about as bad a threat as I can muster.

By the way, one of the links is my brother's site, Wyman Family History, which is going to be stories about our family. He hasn't actually made any stories yet, so I'd advise you to pay him a visit and maybe get him to start posting, or maybe post a story of your own. The site has zilch content so far, so anything you can do would be an improvement.