This Week's Sign that the Apocalypse Is On Us.

This piece of news is so incredible that I'll need to lead up to it with a bit of history.

During the filming of 1959's Plan 9 From Outer Space, director Ed Wood - generally considered (okay, unanimously considered) to be the worst director in the history of film - lost his main actor, Bela Lugosi early on in shooting due to his untimely death. Not to be dissuaded, Wood wrote a script around the footage he had already shot and finished the film with his wife's chiropracter, Tom Mason, in the role, a man considerably taller than Lugosi. Mason acted the entire film with a cape over his face.

This is generally considered the low point in film history. We may have to reconsider.

During the filming of 2007's Postal, director Uwe Boll - generally considered (okay, unanimously considered) to be the worst director alive today - announced recently that he's decided to fight the harsh criticism that his films have quite appropriately received.* Well, he's not actually going to fight the criticism. He's going to fight the critics.

He's invited his five worst critics to fly out to the location of where he's shooting his latest atrocity, Postal,** where he has volunteered to put them up in a hotel for a night, and then they are welcome to climb into a boxing ring with him and actually box him.

I guess he's finally answered his critics.

* His latest, Bloodrayne, was so mind-blowingly bombastically terrible that Imdb's only user comment simply says: "Man, this movie blows."
** Starring - get this - Gary Coleman.