Blog of the Day!

A few days ago I uploaded a good deal of video to the site (it'll be in the sidebar soon), then proceeded to cover my tracks by switching all the new video with older posts. I called it "The Best of 10-4GB," which is code for "couldn't write enough new posts to fill the big space I created."

One of the posts I put up was from about this time last year in Romania, and my unnerving experience at a waterpark in Oradea. Well, some browsing bloglord happened across it and was intrigued enough to name 10-4GB Blog of the Day!

This only goes to prove my theory that my genius will never be appreciated in its time, but needs time to distill before it sees its full flowering. I figured it would be posthumous, but it's apparently about 12 months.

A year from now you're gonna be in stitches about this.