Gay Marriage and the Like

Queue has calmly and logically stated her opinion on the church and gay marriage, and I find it remarkably parallel to my own. I'd always thought about putting a long and emotional post here about the subject, but I like her style of bullet points much better.

This is part of a larger beef of mine, that all moral and environmental issues have become the property of political parties and no longer reside in the realm of private opinion. Abortion. Global warming. Separation of church and state. Prayer in schools. People argue - persuasively - for their viewpoints, but their viewpoints are always the same. Few Democrats will voice an opinion to overturn Roe V. Wade. An occasional Republican announces how inspired he was by "An Inconvenient Truth." But it's rare, it's incredibly rare.

I know that everyone holds pretty tight to their convictions, and firmly believes that they arrived at these choices through their own decisions. But the fact remains that pretty much everyone in America falls into one of two groups on all of these issues.

If we all really arrived at our own moral conclusions, there's no way that would be possible.