I'm not ashamed.

Far be it from me to use this blog as a place for self-promotion (I'm sure this will besmirch a previously unblemished record in your mind), I'd like you - and I mean you, dear reader and friend - to help me win a free iPod.

All you do is click on the link, sign up for one of the promotions, and I get some credit. And then you, in turn, can start working on trying to get your own free iPod/Laptop/Gift Card/etc.

I'm familiar with scams, I really am, and I've gotten fooled a couple times, but I'm pretty sure this one is really legit. You can judge for yourself.

I personally recommend Netflix - you can cancel after the 14 days without penalty, so the whole deal is free, plus you get to watch a bunch of hard-to-find movies in the meantime. You know you've always wanted to. And, if your family has a group plan and you're tired of your picks getting pushed down the queue, you can do the trial and get all the movies you want. For a change.

Go ahead. Click the link.