Snakes on a Wikipedia.

I found out on Wikipedia that the "snakes released in a theater story" was reported incorrectly, and that the rattlesnakes just "found" there way into the movie theater.

Huh. It sounds like a cover-up. But why on earth would someone try to cover-up something like that? I sounds like something where those responsible should have been prosecuted. Maybe because they were going to bring the issue to trial, and they were flying in a key witness, and someone just happened to drop a private message off to the prosecutors that those responsible were prepared to do "anything necessary" to make sure that witness never reached L.A. And even though the feds sent a decoy plane and tried to hide the witness on first class of a commercial flight, it's always possible that something could happen en-route. Maybe they'd even leave 450 poisonous snakes in the cargo hold and spray pheromones onto the leis the passengers wear so that it would get into the air-conditioning system of the cabin in order to drive the snakes into a sexual frenzy that would make them attack and kill all the passengers in coach through the oxygen mask doors, particularly those passengers who were rude or morally bankrupt.

Well. Believe what you will. But it's definitely possible.