They Found Laura!

Here's a post to the story on FindLaura.Org. Not much is known too much yet other than she was living and working in Florida, which I guess makes some sense since the Mackenzie's have family down there.

One way or another, she's found! I'm thrilled about this since it's been weighing on my heart the last few months, as the Mackenzie's have been going through so much with Laura missing for... exactly 5 months, and their son Lloyd sent to Iraq two weeks after the fact.

I know it sounds silly to say this now, but I've always felt that she was alive, though there wasn't much proof or hope in that fact. I just always thought she was out there somewhere, hiding, and that eventually she'd be found. I don't know if it was any more than this damn unsinkable human buoyancy that we all posess, even the more pessimistic of us.

There's something in us that believes that there can always be a happy ending, that the white knight really will slay the dragon. And I'm glad it's not just Pollyannaism. I'm glad that sometimes our faith is justified, that our prayers and dreams meant something. It's what makes a sanguine life worth living.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Mackenzie family. I'm glad she's coming home.