A new drifter just blew into town.

I added Caitlin's blog, Huruma, to the sidebar, I've been poking through it the past week or so and found of the sort of quality to merit a sidebar link. Her tagline goes like this:

22. Vociferous. Opinionated. Political. Female. Bubbly. Obsessive. Dreamy. The realistic optimist. Traveled. Hopeful.

It sounds sort of like an extremely specific personal ad to me ("okay, let's type in the word 'vociferous' and see who comes up. Okay, 'vociferous' and 'obsessive.' Ah, bingo!"), but if you've endlessly scoured True and eHarmony in such a fashion and found nothing quite like this, well, then you are welcome.

I'm actually not sure of her relationship status one way or another, so I may have given her unwont publicity. But fortunately, the readership numbers are low enough we can be sure I didn't send unwelcome hordes of greasy men in her direction. Well, I don't actually have a site counter, so I guess we can only be pretty sure.