New Goal

I've decided that for the next two week - the longest period of time I can keep anything going consistently - I am going to post on this site every day. Actual content is unimportant, what's important is consistency. This will likely dissolve into posting about my fantasy football team very quickly. But a post every day, four sentences minimum.

Still, let's give it a try.

Justin encouraged me to listen to a book reading David Sedaris (author of Me Talk Pretty One Day) had on YouTube, called "Six to Eight Black Men," about Christmas is the Netherlands. I'll link to it here, it's a marvelous bit. While listening, I decided (again) that I need to join a library down here in Texas. I'd made an effort a few months ago when I first discovered I lived quite near the Barbara Bush library, which seemed the sort of place one cannot turn down the opportunity to be come a member of. Unfortunately, no matter how many times I drove up and down the road the map directed me to, I could never locate it. So I never became a member, which is a shame because that would have been a real talking point if I ever ran into Barbara Bush, and would have greatly increased the odds of us becoming fast friends. And - really - I think Barbara and I would get along swimmingly, given the chance.