Picture Posting

I don't have time to post because we have our Smart Growth Conference coming up tomorrow - I'll say no more about it in order to keep my job, but I'll put it this way: Yesterday morning, I thought I was doing almost nothing for the conference. Yesterday afternoon, I discovered I was speaking at two seminars, in charge of producing the video recording of all of the major sessions, and hosting a tour of the media department. Ha ha! Also, I'm stuffing 300 binders tonight.

Since I can't do anything more interesting, and I spent a good part of the afternoon yesterday writing my last post, all you get today is a picture or two. Let me find one...

Ah! Here we go! This was my day on Monday - after returning from the laundromat, I had to park my car on higher ground in a nearby parking lot and wade through thigh-deep waters on the road to get back home. I couldn't bring my clothes out of the car until the next morning. This is the parking lot I had to drive through in order to park my car on higher ground. The really deep water was on the road behind the cars.

It was awesome. Every store and restaurant worker were just standing outside of their stores, watching. Chris and I kept going out on the balcony, watching the rain all day.