Time to switch out those TVs, people!

Well, the Smart Growth Conference has ended, and it seems to have gone pretty well. There were a number of little idiosyncrasies, though: for example, you know how I said I had just discovered I was hosting a tour of our facilities? Well, unfortunately, that tour ended up getting printed a couple of different times in the program in spots where it wasn't supposed to, so I ended up having to do a number of different tours in spots where I'd been counting on crashing for an hour or two. By the time the first day finished up late last night, I was running camera for a one-man interpretation of "Blue Like Jazz" (it was pretty good, by the way. Much better than you'd ever think), and I was falling asleep at the camera. I don't mean like "oh, I'm not on screen right now, I can snooze for a bit." I mean, "doing a slow zoom in on the lead actor and blacking out for a split second midway" sort of falling asleep. I was that tired.

Anyway, the post today highlights my friend Taylor Vinson, who graduated from Asbury in May, and after only two and a half months working in the shadows as a production assistant at a news station, has gotten on a piece on the six o'clock news - as on-air talent. For those of you who don't know how the hierarchy in news stations work and what it takes to get on air: that's a big deal.

Here's a link to the story. And here's to Taylor!