I Need You - Zach Hendricks

I put up a new Zach Hendricks video, it's called "I Need You." It's my favorite of any song that he's written, and this is the best section of the live concert I've been cutting together, so I'd very much recommend listening. It's a great song.

By the way, for those of you who don't know, of all the buttons on the bottom bar of a YouTube video, the one second from the right (or is it first from the right? Anyway, starting on the right side, it's the second button) will reconvert the video to it's original size, making it slightly smaller but twice as clear. It's the best way to watch any content on YouTube not uploaded by a major television network company. Here's a picture demonstration:

This indistinct picture is an example of what a YouTube video usually looks like.

Hit the button, and you can finally see some detail on the face. Much better, no?