Inflatable Jesus

As part of our Loft Christmas series, we're doing four weeks called "Stuffed," which is about avoiding the nonsense of Christmas. Which led to the decision to cover our stage with the worst collection of Christmas junk we could find. Which led to our head pastor, Andy, traveling to Garden Ridge to buy $1300 worth of pure holiday crap. Including an inflatable Jesus sitting in a bass fishing boat (with outboard motor, of course). I don't know why you'd want one on Christmas, I certainly don't know you'd want one ever, but we have one. Apparently, it's quite something. I don't have any pictures yet, though I'll definitely put one up as soon as I can. Until then, this picture will have to do:

I don't know where that is or what it is, or what it is those multi-cultural children are emerging from (my best theory is that it's a belt made of eggs, all of which are hatching emotional-dependent humanoids simultaneously), but I pulled this one picture out of a cornucopia of possible inflatable Jesus pictures available online. And if my have my way, in a couple more weeks, there'll be one more available.