Onwards and Upwards

My digital scale informs me that I now weigh 188 pounds. I'm basically back where I started. Shoot.

I've decided to post the incidental videos that I create for the church, even if they're completely uninteresting. This blog's supposed to be a little bit of a window into my life, in addition to just a place for me to spout off my pop culture views, so it'd be nice for everyone to see what I'm doing. It's a good thing I'm a filmmaker and can display things like this, since I assume that accountants and computer programmers don't get a chance to post things that they've done at work. Or maybe they do. There may be a whole realm of accountant-themed blogs out there somewhere. They probably have their own term for them at this point, most likely "acclogs."

By the way, can I just complain that it's a real shame that "photo-blogging" has never been shortened to just "phlogging?" So much wasted potential.

Here's the video I put together for a sermon illustration. Dr. Robb wanted a movie clip that demonstrated a Hollywood-confession. I gave him eleven:

While we're at it, here's a quick look at my March Madness bracket this year. I'm running a "First Two Rounds Only" pool on facebook, which lets people show off their skills picking first round upsets without worrying about their bracket tanking if they haven't picked the right Final Four. Half the fun's in the first two rounds, anyway. If you're on facebook, you're welcome to come over and join.

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That's all. Best of luck on your brackets, everyone!