Currently Ranked 1,030,987th

Well, Memphis and Virginia's wins briefly moved me above the magical 1 million mark, but then, for no reason whatsoever, I moved back down. I'm starting to not trust the math that Facebook is putting into this pool. Right now I've moved from 10/16 to 13/20, which is a slight improvement. And one of the upsets I called finally happened. Attaway Winthrop!

Long Beach State is 20 seconds away from getting bounced out of the tournament, so I'm about to drop a little further. And... yes, they're gone. Ah, well.

Nevada is battling Creighton to a standstill, and if Nevada goes, I might be losing the first of my Sweet 16 teams. And Wisconsin might be disappearing too, which would be a black mark on my bracket, but who cares? It's worth it to lose points on your bracket in order to see a team like Texas A&M-Corpus Christi beat a 2-seed. I love this time of year.

As a side note, when I put this bracket together, I was outrageously confident about it. It's sure to be a big winner, I thought, I've called all the upsets that no one sees coming.

Let it be known that it's more than worthwhile to slap yourself once or twice across the face if you ever say the phrase "I've called all the upsets that no one sees coming."

Still, it looks like Nevada will prevail over Creighton in OT, and Wisconsin will prevail at least into the second round, so my Nevada over Memphis second-round pick might just stand a fighting chance, and I've gathered hope that Oregon will nudge out Wisconsin. And maybe, just maybe, I might move back under the one million mark.

And if not, I'll always remember this as the year a million people finished ahead of me in my college bracket.