Garfield Silenced

Someone once turned to me and said "Hey, have you ever seen 'Garfield' with Garfield's thought bubbles erased? It becomes just this dude talking to his cat, it's a hundred times funnier." I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed the phenomenon until Peracchio sent me a few more a coupla days ago, and gave me a jones to poke around online and find some more.

There are a lot of these sort of things online - click here for the Garfield Randomizer - but this is the best of the lot. And while whoever that guy was who opened me up to this new world, he was right, it's a hundred times funnier. Yet it's also a hundred times sadder and a thousand times creepier. Which somehow makes it funnier still. I hunted around all afternoon in my free time, and here are some of my favorites:

When you really think about it, this is how Jon's world really is. All that's being removed is Garfield's mental commentary, which supposedly Jon would never be able to hear. So this is really how sad a man Jon is.

Jon wasn't always like this. When the comic first started, Garfield was more playful with Jon than Jon was with Garfield, Jon went on occasional dates, he had a roommate and friend, Lyman. He wasn't the creepy schmuck he is today.

Of course, he's a lot funnier this way.

And, incredibly, this one is completely unedited:

If you find any good ones, or end up making your own, let me know. I love these.