Poor Dirk

It takes a special sort of player to lead your team in scoring (20 points), rebounding (12 boards), steals (3), and blocks (1), and still have to deal with the arena chanting "overrated!" at you Even the ESPN news story about the game refer to your night as "another poor performance."

Here's a link to the article. I do feel bad for Nowitzki, but still - go Golden State, huh?

The Sports Guy wrote an article stating once and for all why Doc Rivers should be fired, and hopefully Danny Ainge along with him. I'm willing to negotiate on keeping Ainge as long as Rivers goes, rather than giving him a contract extension like the management is talking about. Please, guys, it's just time for a change. Paul Pierce is turning into the Kevin Garnett of the East, and I just can't take any more of this waiting. We could be a Golden State next year if we let ourselves be.

In more cheerful news, the Red Sox are still destroying the Yankees, who look like the saddest group of A-list players to ever have one of their own guarantee that they'll win the pennant this season. Which is kind of a shame for A-Rod, since it's pretty much the only thing that's not going his way this year. Here's what we're learning from this: when you're the second-most hated player in baseball, don't talk trash unless you're really sure you're coming out of the gate strong, because instead you might have to suffer the ignominy of Tampa Bay fans laughing at you.

Let this be a lesson to all of us.