Easter/Rob Thomas/Goldie Hawn/30 Rock

Apologies for not posting, but things have been awfully busy around here with Easter coming up. Between Maundy Thursday, videos for Easter morning, and this big concert we've got going on tonight, it's been a mess. Still, Leeland plays a free concert tonight on the lawn, and I get to film it, so I'm siked.

No one uses that word anymore besides me, but I just don't think there's that many good words that fit that meaning. I could use "jazzed" or "fired up," but both sound lamer than "siked," which is weird since "siked" kinda died for good in the early 90's. Though I guess "jazzed" probably died a lot earlier than that.

Most of your know that I'm a Matchbox Twenty fan from way back - sometimes it's the only thing people remember about me, since there are so few people these days who admit that they love Matchbox Twenty - and so it might seem strange to you that I finally heard the latest Rob Thomas single "Little Wonders" and got all depressed. But I knew that hearing that song meant that Matchbox Twenty is officially over. The band took a hiatus a year or two back in order that everyone could go and work on inferior side projects - you might remember I reviewed Thomas' first album - but I was dearly hoping that they'd get back together and make music again, because frankly Rob Thomas just isn't all that great by himself. There's a lasting power to all of Matchbox Twenty's records that Thomas just doesn't have by himself. "Little Wonders" was more of the same - a nice song, but nothing we'll be singing in ten years. I miss having a real, raw, guitar sound behind him. This song sounds like - and, in fact, is - something off the soundtrack to a kid's movie. And not one of the good ones. This one:


In other news, I've been watching old episodes of "Laugh-In" - the church bought the DVDs for a film project I did - and I discovered a beautiful, talented Goldie Hawn. It's weird for me since basically I've known nothing about Goldie Hawn all my life except that she used to be a famous starlet, and now she's old and has a famous starlet daughter. That's all I'd ever thought of her as. And now, watching "Laugh-In," it's impossible for someone to watch and not go "well, no wonder she became famous." She was fantastic on that show.

By the way, if you're not watching "30 Rock" by now, you really should be:

"Let me teach you, Lemon. I would like to be Michelle Pfeiffer to your angry black kid who learns that poetry... is just another way to rap."

Paired with "The Office," it's the best night on television, plus the fact that the three shows around it ("Andy Barker, P.I.," "Scrubs," and "My Name Is Earl") may be on and off, but when they're on, they're really, really good.