Tristram Shandy, "Greek," and a new Arthur.

I'm here watching Tristram Shandy, a complicated Spinal Tap-meets-Shakespeare In Love mockumentary, waiting to fall in love with it. So far, more clever than funny, bewildering, and a little dull.

Oh, hell, it's over. No, I can't recommend it. Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are doing Al Pacino impersonations over the end credits and I have no idea why. This is actually pretty similar to how I feel about the last two hours of the movie.

I watched the pilot for "Greek" today, a new "college kids getting crazy while fitting into pre-existing stereotypes" show on ABC Family. It's unremarkable, a simple knockoff on Animal House, "Undeclared," and John Hughes movies, but I got attached to the main two actors: the geek-turned-Greek main character's played by a likeable no-name, Jakob Zachar, and his social climing sister is Spencer Grammer, who is Kelsey Grammer's daughter. She's good anyway.

Here's a link to the latest Arthur The Intern. You can't read the graphics, but if you've got Facebook, trek to my page and look at it there. I just discovered it, but Facebook video is the best looking free video available on the web by a large margin. I wish everyone had Facebook.

I gotta go. This Tristram Shandy DVD menu has been looping an annoying little fife-and-accordion tune for what seems like centuries.