A New Leaf

I've decided this blog is going to be less about movie review and long stories from my life, and more shorter posts filled with idle musings on movie news and such. I always mean to write and just never get around to it, and so nothing ever gets posted. So I'm gonna work on my short game for a while, and see if that leads me into putting together some longer posts. For example, I had a whole bit about liberalism and The Bourne Ultimatum that I never posted on, and that's something I felt pretty strongly about. So sometimes it just doesn't happen.

For example - Dr. Ed Robb is the head pastor of the church I work at, and usually every sermon he delivers some sort of Robb-ism that has all of us in the production room going "Wha- hey! That doesn't make any sense!" He'll incorrectly quote things, stitch words together in a bizarre fashion ("unforsakenalism"), and butcher celebrity news stories beyond recognition. As you can imagine, this deeply endears him to me .

Today while preaching, Ed's exhorted the parishioners not to try to force their children to be "Tiger Woodses or Vanessa Williamses." I'm pretty sure he meant this person:

But instead he referred to this person, a former Miss America:

I don't think you need to twist a parent's arm to try to keep them from forcing their children to fit into this mold.