More Excitement!

The Globe and Mail - one of less than two dozen publications to review In The Name of the King so far - comments "Is this movie so god-awful bad that it's hilariously good? (We) can't be bothered deciding. Figure that's an answer in itself." The Globe and Mail - and by extension, all of
Canada - is nominated for today's award for general awesomeness. OC Weekly also has a slightly less fun review up, though it does put forth the likely correct theory that "Boll’s rather foolproof technique is to do all his casting at the very last minute, catching name actors between projects before they have a chance to think about things too much." That's almost certainly the case, and therefore OC Weekly snags a nomination as well.

But nothing tops today's winner, Sun Media's Jim Slotek, who notes "this is a different kind of bad than, say, the glossy, homogenous, boring Hollywood bad we get from a Michael Bay. This is an impassioned, feverish bad, the kind that is as pure of heart as it is innocent of style. Ed Wood bad." Bravo, Jim, you ridiculed the movie and got a shot in at Michael Bay! That's the sort of attitude I like to see from critics. Jim Slotek takes home the Awesomeness Award.