Tasty Fun for the Kids of all Parental-Supervised Ages!

This ad makes me deliriously happy. Heidi's favorite part was the line, "with adult supervision, even kids can make them all by themselves!" Personally, though, I think the highlight has to be this kid:

I had that exact expression through the majority of my childhood. A particular highlight would be the time my parents had trustingly left my brother and I alone one evening with instructions to "make ourselves dinner." To their credit, we were more than old enough for that to be acceptable, though they certainly came to regret it.

We tried to make waffles but only succeeded at somehow melding the waffle iron together. Leaving it smouldering in the sink, we tried instead to make Swedish pancakes, which involves a special skillet and common sense, only one of which we had.

To make long story short, my parents have to keep one end of their kitchen table permanently covered in order to hide an extremely noticeable burn in the shape of a large, dimpled skillet.

For the record, everyone agrees that using the microwave to make S'mores is out-and-out cheating. You brave the dangers of the open flame and toast the sucker, even if the S'more ends up being about 35% carbon by the time you choke it down. That scared kid had the right idea all along. Attaway, kid.