Let's jump straight to the pull quote

I keep promising to review everything I watch, and of course I never do, since I watch a lot of media and spend a lot less time blogging, and I write very slowly when I do blog. So let's do a bunch all at once. One sentence per:

The Wind In The Barley. Proves once and for all the Irish War of Rebellion was exactly the same as "Animal Farm."
"quarterlife." Being an unemployed artistic-type incapable of getting your life together is very, very, very cool.
Becoming Jane. Pride and Prejudice with a bummer ending, except knows that it's coming and it's like watching a very slow yet prettily-shot train wreck.
Philadelphia. 15 years later, it's still outstandingly powerful... how did Denzel Washington not get an Oscar nod?
"The Bronx Is Burning." Quietly addictive, it sneaks up on you - plus Daniel Sunjata as Reggie Jackson is hilariously on target.
The Darjeeling Limited - It has now reached a point in Wes Anderson fandom where his movies cannot just be funny, clever, and good, they have to be life-changing - which is a shame, because The Darjeeling Limited is funny, clever, and good.
Once - Like indie music, indie films have become a style (much benefitted by adding name actors and directors) rather than an actual accurate description, except for Once, which is quietly poignant both in spite of and because of its inexperienced actors and technical quality.
Across The Universe - Uneven yet loads of fun, it's a visual trip to watch and a joy to see Jim Sturgess and Joe Anderson tear their way through it.
The Science of Sleep - No one's better than Michel Gondry at this sort of thing, but working your way through the deliberate jerkiness of his storytelling style goes down sweeter when there's happiness and resolution at the other end, which wasn't the case here.

Well, that should cover me for now. Tune in later, as La Vie En Rose, Black Snake Moan, and Starship Troopers are all coming.