My goal for this year's March Madness bracket was to finish above #1,000,000 in the Facebook bracket. Sadly, Facebook discontinued their global ranking, so I could only compare myself to my other friends, and I only knew where I stood if I ended up in the top 5. It was a shame.

Still, at the end of it, I did pretty well. In my first bracket I carefully thought out each matchup, went with coaches and programs I felt strongly about, and chose UNC as my title pick. Unfortunately, you can't import brackets across Facebook, so every time you join someone else's pool, you have to fill out another bracket (it's like we're back in the Stone Age, filling out our brackets with pencils). Three or four times of filling out the same bracket, I finally got bored and said "Screw it, I'm doing a new one," and made a new bracket that went against all my instincts. Naturally, that bracket dominated, as my more offhand decisions ("Davidson for two rounds? Why not?") all panned out, plus I chose Kansas as the national champion (against Duke, unfortunately). The bracket ended up racking up 1350 points on Facebook scoring, as opposed to 870 points for my normal bracket, and good for second overall among all my friends.

In other news, my cat is undergoing a combination neutering/hernia surgery today, a procedure that is supposed to cost me $550, bring the total cost of the cat up to $1100. I'll remind you, until we brought this thing in for a checkup, this was a free cat. Now he's a bigger investment than 75% of all the cars I've ever bought.