Y'know, he probably DID.

SCL found this and posted it, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to add it myself.

Click to enlarge:

Okay, several things here:

1. First, let's just point out that somebody has already gone through the trouble of watercoloring this picture, which one would assume would take considerable time.

2. We can probably safely assume that this is not real, but even so:
a. That's awesome.
b. Someone has apparently always imagined Jesus wearing a cape somewhat similar to Magneto's.
c. That dinosaur seems to be a cross somewhere between velociraptor and a hippopotamus, so Jesus seems to choose to both ride and crossbreed dinosaurs, which might be the answer to the question of how he spent his time between 12 and 30.
d. really, that's awesome.
e. if Jesus had rode this thing triumphantly into Jerusalem, the gospels would probably end a little differently.

3. And finally - somewhere out there, someone is making joke Christian coloring books for kids, and I totally need one. My birthday's in September, people.