I'll be traveling to South Houston all this week to film a youth mission trip, followed by at least one week of pure craziness at work, so I'll put the blog on official hold for a couple of weeks (as opposed to normal, where I just stop posting).

Bull Durham celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and while watching it this week, I decided it's now officially stood the test of time as both a classic film and a fun baseball movie. While going to school in LA, I once made fun of Kevin Costner movies with some sort of Uwe Boll-type rhetoric, and one of the professors chastised me for it, pointing out that if you skip out on Costner movies, you never get to watch any good baseball movies. She was right: Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, For The Love of the Game... that, right there, is a career regardless of any sort of Waterworld/No Way Out/Robin Hood/The Postman/etc. nonsense.

For the record, The Hoax, the Clifford Irving movie about the fake Howard Hughes autobiography, is out on DVD and more than worth watching. It's great to see a collection of solid character actors get together and just tear it up - Alfred Molina, Stanley Tucci, Julie Delpy, plus a perfectly-cast Richard Gere. How often do I get to type that last part?