I have returned...

...and I brought candy. I returned late last night from New Hampshire, where I spent a week happily reading, kayaking, playing Scategories, watching the Olympics, and dozing on the sandy shores of Lake Swanzey. I also caught the wedding of a couple I helped introduce about 18 months ago, which is always nice.

For the record, here's a new problem you might want to think about as you plan your wedding:

If, hypothetically, you have somebody film your wedding and borrow a camera for him. And say, hypothetically, that the camera you borrow for him records to a hard drive instead of to a tape.

Let's further assume that the camera turns itself on while on the way to the wedding, killing the battery. The only way to power the camera is to plug it in to the wall.

Now, weddings being the confusing thing that they are, it seems perfectly logical that - hypothetically - the organist could come forward, trip over the cord and abruptly shut off the camera. And cameras being what they are, sometimes when they record to hard drives and then get the plug pulled and then they get turned back on, they sometimes need time to figure out how to fix the footage they've already captured.

When hypothetical situations like this take place, it's perfectly possible that this could mean that the camera misses a little bit of live footage. And since some cameras have slower hard drives, it could also mean that the camera could miss a... substantial portion of a wedding. Say, the first kiss. And the recessional.

Engaged people, just something to think about as you go about your wedding planning. No reason for alarm.

Though, maybe, you should think about how you'd deal with a situation like that.

'Cause I might need to know that.