The Blogventure Begins... Later!

Thanks to those of you who have already turned in requests for the all-request blog month. I'll just mention that the event will actually start on the first of October and continue until Halloween, at which point I will have a Blogventure Blowout and write posts on every topic that hasn't been covered yet.

I was figuring that I'd be lucky to get 30 requests, not thinking that of course people would immediately think "I'll give him a dozen or so just for fun" At first that made it seem like I would get to pick and choose, but no: I'm going to write a post about all of them. Even if that means some posts end up like this:

I have a request that I cover the financial crisis. I haven't really been keeping up, but I have noticed that inflation stories make for very dull news coverage. I was lifting weights and trying to watch CNN and I was just about bored to tears.

I did increase my reps by 10% today, though. Booyah!

Thanks to Steve-o for the idea.

Or, if things get desperate:
Joe Biden sucks and is super-lame.

Thanks to Amy for the request!

No, no, I shan't be so dismissive. I will have at least three poorly-sourced paragraphs based off of unconfirmable source stories explaining why Joe Biden sucks and is super-lame ('Cause he is, man. He is). You deserve my very best, and so I'm going to at least give you something half-assed. We're committed around here, even if the things we're committed to are pretty stupid.